Wednesday, May 9, 2012



DC 2012

During the preparation for the 2012 Washington DC Police Week trip I was researching law enforcement memorials that we could attend and also Fraternal Order of Police lodges we could visit. I happened upon a story about a Louisville police officer who has a little girl named Hayli Nobles who had been diagnosed with a rare form of Leukemia and was being treated at St Jude’s Hospital in Memphis. 
After some research and some help from the local Louisville FOP 614, we were able to set a meeting with Hayli and her family. The meeting took place on Wednesday at a rural training facility where Hayli’s father was attending SWAT training.

In preparation of our meeting we had acquired a teddy bear who had been riding shotgun with Critter in the back window of TBL across several states. We had an opportunity stop at a way side rest and take a photograph with Critter and his friend with TBL. We will frame the photograph and have it delivered to Hayli in the near future.

When we met Hayli and her parents she was an absolute shining star and was happy and healthy. She is near the end of her treatment and things are looking good for her and her parents. Haily and the SWAT team officers were very gracious and took many photo’s with TBL and I am so thankful she is doing well. When Justin gave her the teddy bear he got a big smile and a hug and the bear was named “Teddy Bear” by Hayli.

We left feeling a little better about the world…

Roger Schroeder

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