Saturday, May 5, 2012

2012 Missouri Law Enforcement Memorial

DC Trip 2012

The Thin Blue Line crew consisting of Pedro Salazar, Dustin Struckman and Roger Schroeder left Northfield MN on 5-3-2012 at 9:30 pm. and arrived in Jefferson City MO at 6:30 am on 5-4-2012. A little tired but ready to make new friends at the 2012 Missouri Law Enforcement Memorial event.

The TBL crew first went to the Missouri Law Enforcement memorial located at the Capital Building complex. We took photos and got organized for the candle light vigil that takes place at 8:00 pm tonight. 

We then returned to our hotel where many of the Concerns Of Police Survivors were staying. The hotel manager offered to have us to post TBL at the front entrance to welcome all the incoming guests and it gave us a change right out of the gate to put Minnesota’s best foot forward.

TBL staff attended a reception for COPS at out hotel during late afternoon and we were warmly received. We gave TBL wrist bands to all the children in attendance and people were very moved we would travel this far just to extend a hand to our brothers and sisters in law Enforcement.

Last August TBL staff attended a COPS fund raiser golf tournament in Missouri and I met Karen Armstrong. She is a wonderful woman who lost her son in an in line of duty death and she is a recent president of the Missouri COPS organization. We brought her a wind chime to celebrate the life of her fallen son. We were able to surprise her in a semi private setting with little fanfare and commotion. There will be more about this later.

During the candle light vigil, the TBL Memorial Vehicle was placed near the memorial and we posted our colors using our Fallen Officer Flag and United States flag. We also activated our blue illuminated flag poles and the blue undercharge lights, the TBL was a stunning symbol of our Law Enforcement comradely and there were many people that took time to talk to us and look at our memorial. There were many prideful tears from survivors, hugs and handshakes. 

After the event we were invited to the Missouri State FOP Lodge in Jefferson City and were given a wonderful barbeque pulled pork meal with all the trimmings. We were entertained by the St Louis County Police Bag Pipe crew and met many wonderful people.

On 5-5-2012 at 9:00 am we were back at the capitol complex for the second half of the two day memorial. Today there were several honor guard groups, a firing party and many law enforcement officers from across Missouri and many community members in attendance. We were asked to place the TBL Memorial Vehicle in front of a church located just down the hill from the Missouri Law Enforcement Memorial. After the memorial event was competed the community members we invited to come to the church for a dinner. All the attendees had a chance to walk past our memorial and there were many conversations and hand shaken. The public here are very supportive of their officers and the officers are proud, professional and took time to stop and visit with us. 

Our time in Jefferson City is coming to a close but I will say the people here are exceptional and we have made many new friends. 


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